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Research & DevelopmentWE HAVE POSTED SOME INVALUABLE TECH TIPS BELOW. Please have a look, and contact us if you have any questions.

Manchester Tank Proper Filling Procedures for Small DOT Cylinders

  1. Always follow instructions for proper filling provided by NFPA 58.
  2. The cylinder valve must be closed when the fill hose valve is opened for the fill. The cylinder valve must be slowly opened to achieve a proper fill.
  3. A sudden rush of liquid into the cylinder can cause the OPD float to rise and interrupt the filling process prematurely.
  4. If the OPD interrupts the filling process, it is necessary to disconnect the fill hose from the cylinder. Connect the cylinder to the purging station and release a small amount of propane from the main cylinder valve. This will reset the OPD valve so that it can be filled properly. Properly calibrated scales and the fixed liquid level gauge should be used to determine if the fill process was interrupted prematurely.
Manchester Tank does not manufacture or sell cylinders designed or intended for use in hot air balloon service and does not sanction the modification of or use of our products for this purpose.

Helpful Hints

Millions enjoy using the world's most versatile fuel, but we should always remember to follow all of the important safety warnings and product instructions. Our Helpful Hints pamphlet is designed to answer some questions you may have.

Customer safety is and will always remain our number one priority.
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